An Intro to Phenylpiracetam and Other Nootropics

Nootropic medicaments are made to improve person's mental abilities without excessive stimulation of the central nervous system, used chiefly for curing sleep disorders. They are known to affect the metabolism in the brain by utilization of more glucose, though we do not know for certain and in entirety in what way nootropics act.

Many other drugs besides nootropics produce very similar reactions in our body. Their chemical compounds boost our mental and emotional stats, such as focus and concentration, memory, attention, learning, imagination, ingenuity, as well as self-confidence, discipline, motivation, and social behavior in general. This is the main reason for current popularity of nootropics, named "smart drugs" for their effect of empowering our mental abilities.

Phenylpiracetam Description

Phenylpiracetam was derived from the drug known as Piracetam, that is, it represents its modified and enhanced version. Expectedly, it possesses very similar properties, with Phenylpiracetam being a much more powerful drug. It is used for the same purpose as other nootropics and generates the same effect - an improvement of mental and emotional condition.

Studies showed better results in treating patients suffering from dementia with Phenylpiracetam than with Piracetam and other drugs. Experiments conducted on rats also showed this nootropic could help in treating anxiety, together with other mental health disorders, such as depression and amnesia.

Usage in sports, at work and for studying

Speaking of the off-label use, as in case of other nootropics, Phenylpiracetam is used often among sports players. It is known that all players use some kind of stimulants in order to improve their strength, speed and durability, as well as the abilities of anticipation, thinking and decision-making, which are an essential part of team sports. According to sports medicine experts, over 90% of all professional sports players use both legal and illegal stimulants, including nootropics.

Sports players use Phenylpiracetam, too, for the same purpose of improving physical and mental abilities, and for shortening their recovery time after an injury or exhausting training. However, this drug is officially on the list of substances prohibited for such a use in sport.

Besides sports players, Phenylpiracetam is used mainly among students and adults who want to increase their memory and learning ability. And since its chief function is to cure the symptoms of sleep disorders, it is especially significant to students when staying overnight to prepare for their exams or people who work at night. Ironically, the cause of insomnia and some sleep disorders is exactly irregular sleep, staying awake until late, and working in the night shift, for which doctors again prescribe nootropics, including Phenylpiracetam.

Another advantage of this drug is that it neutralizes anxiety and promotes better mood and general emotional condition, which is again useful for students and people working on something to meet a deadline. Actually, all stimulant drugs remove stress, the difference being that nootropic drugs do not have the same side-effects as amphetamines or some other stimulant.

The standard dosage of Phenylpiracetam

Phenylpiracetam usual dosage is 200 mg a day, as in case of other nootropic drugs, although the exact dosage should be determined after consulting with a medical specialist. Sometimes the dosage is 100 mg a day, and on other occasions it can reach 200 mg 2-3 times a day. However, since it is one of the most powerful nootropic drugs existing at the moment, it should be taken in small dosages at first.

Moreover, every single nootropic drug should be taken in smaller dosages and only after consulting with you doctor. Another reason for doing so is their addictive potential, which is equally present in Phenylpiracetam.

Ignored negative body response to smart drugs

Side-effects, as in case of all other medications, may appear under certain conditions, and those usually include headaches, nausea, skin problems, anxiety, depression, and many others. However, there is one unusual effect of this substance: Namely, when you start taking it, you will stop paying too much attention to things and people around you, concentrating solely on your work and needs, thus behaving in a bit selfish way and feeling a kind of superiority over other people.

Also, it should be mentioned that in the same way nootropics help in boosting mental condition, they can also generate completely opposite reactions: Loss of focus and concentration, loss of memory, impaired learning and cognitive skills, a sudden fall in motivation and energy levels, loss of patience and discipline, aggressive behavior, occasional bursts of anger, etc. Knowing this, everyone involved into smart drugs hype should consider if these drugs help at all, or simply trade your health for a short time of empowered mental abilities and a period of diminished mental abilities and sometimes serious mental health issues.

Although many ignore the possibility of these side-effects' appearance, or emphasize only the beneficial effects of nootropic drugs and Phenylpiracetam, diminishing the role of its negative impact on physical and mental health "if taken in recommended dosage", still it is a scientifically proven fact that all stimulant drugs may produce these side-effects and harm your physical and mental health when used for off-label purposes.