Armodafinil - What They Didn't Tell You?

Armodafinil was synthesized for the first time in France in the 70s and approved by FDA as a cure for narcolepsy and other sleep disorders in 1978. Like Armodafinil, medicines such as Adderall and Ritalin (designed for treating ADD) and Ampakine (for Alzheimer's disease) are also used for improving the ability for studying and working. They are known as nootropics or the "smart drugs".

The strangest thing about smart drugs

No one actually knows how this drug exactly works. It sounds absurd, but the same applies to all nootropic drugs and even some anesthetics. Generally, we take for granted that anesthetics are efficient and safe (unlike chloroform), but the scientists are still trying to establish how they work.

Some say Armodafinil stimulates the brain to produce a hormone called histamine. You probably heard about antihistamine, which is present in all those anti-allergic medicines that make a person sleepy. So, it does make sense, the more histamine you release, the less sleepy you feel.

On the other hand, studies suggest Armodafinil affects the brain in a similar way as amphetamines, raising the level of dopamine, which is produced in our brain when we eat or meeting a friend. If this is true, Armodafinil might be highly addictive. Since there wasn't time for a large-scale research, no one managed to prove this yet.

What will happen during the first few hours after taking Armodafinil?

It is very probable that at start nobody would notice you took a smart drug, unless you are an introverted person. After some time, you will feel a sort of impatience and a surplus of energy. You will start feeling different. For example, if you smoke, you will probably have no desire for a cigarette. You will want to do something, to be active. So, if you are at your workplace, you will surely start working hard, even offering your boss to do an extra assignment. You will want to do the most boring tasks you never liked doing, and you will even enjoy them. I guess, that is the time you will get strange looks from your boss and colleagues.

While working, you will probably not notice what other people do, or you will not care. You will also not be interested in anything you enjoyed before during your work hours. If you have a habit of sitting with colleagues chatting and drinking coffee, or going out on a lunch break, that is not going to happen this time. You will not feel hunger at all, either. In the same way, you will not care for those things that annoyed you before. You will be cheery, outgoing, and full of energy.

A few more hours after taking Armodafinil

If you decide to take a cup of coffee or an energy drink at some point of time, the very same moment you do that, you will experience a chest pain and your heart will start pounding. After some time, you will start feeling restless and nervous. You will be tempted to yell at your colleague if he asks you something or sends you an email. Even a casual chatting will provoke anger in you for some reason. And if an accident occurs, like someone spilling coffee on your desk or just a mosquito biting you, your reaction will be like a volcano exploding! You will wonder why nobody else uses smart drugs, so that all of them would keep quiet and work like you.

Also, you will occasionally feel arrhythmia; your hands will start sweating and shaking; you will be very nervous and look like a drug addict during the period of crisis; and you will become unsociable and prefer seclusion. Moreover, you might experience even worse symptoms, both physical and mental, especially if you have been taking some other stimulants or medications which interact with Armodafinil and nootropics in general. Yes, you might as well need a medical intervention!

Interesting information on Armodafinil effects on your mood

Dr. Scott Vrecko says it is possible that nootropics actually do not improve cognitive abilities at all, abilities to receive, remember and process information; instead, they only affect your mood and motivation. Vrecko once spent a couple of weeks conducting a study at universities across America, where students who use Adderall told him that the moment they swallowed the pill, they felt capable of doing all their work assignments without much effort. Was it their cognition which was enhanced or just their motivation? Other studies, too, showed that Armodafinil only produced a feeling of excessive self-confidence, not any real cognitive "power".

The Price of Using Armodafinil

Pill works, no doubt, but at what price? Dr. Kimberly Urban and Dr. Wen-Jun Gao fear that a long-term usage could generate serious consequences for users under thirty. They say Armodafinil usually destroys "the plasticity of the brain" - the ability of the brain mass to adapt in time to different situations.

It is also suspected that short memory ability becomes diminished after taking Armodafinil and similar drugs for longer periods, and that it further leads to strange patterns of behavior and interaction with other people. Urban and Gao don't have reliable empirical evidence for their hypothesis, since all nootropic drugs lack further research; however, you should know there is certainly no magic pill that could improve your mental abilities without causing damage to your brain and mental health.