Facts About Brain You Should Know

Did you know that the human brain weighs around 3 pounds? This is almost 1.360 Kilograms. And this amounts to 2% of total body's weight. The most explored area in science is the study of human brain and there are still facts about the human brain that we are yet to explore. It is a wonder how most of the facts about the brain that we know today have been only developed and discovered in just the last 15 years. And to sum it all, the human brain is the most essential and important part of the body. Without this, absolutely nothing can work within the human anatomy.

Before getting into knowing about the facts of the human brain, let us try and understand the structure of the human brain. There are four key parts of the human brain, namely:

  • Frontal lobe;
  • Parietal lobe;
  • Occipital lobe;
  • Temporal lobe.

Each of these lobes performs different functions enabling the entire human body to work thoroughly. While frontal lobe is known to help with planning and organising as well as control your emotions and behaviour, Parietal lobe is known to play a crucial part in integrating sensory and visual information. The temporal lobe helps with processing language and storing information in the long term memory while occipital lobe is known to be the home to visual cortex.

Human brain can be mysterious

Human brain has numerous amounts of interesting facts where half of it would be unknown to many. It is said that your brain is 70% water and it only takes 20% dehydration for it to affect your memory, attention and other cognitive abilities..

You might feel that the brain shuts down 100% when you're asleep. But you're wrong. That's the trick of the brain! When you're asleep, it is doing much more activities than your normal daytime thinking. When you're awake, people operate on alpha and beta waves to do your normal day-to-day activities such as walking, talking, eating and much more. While, when you're asleep, it uses theta activity which is superior in amplitude to beta.

The brain has extra cell types than any other tissue in our body. The brain is a combination of many complicated type of cells. Also the brain contain 100 billion neurons. During early pregnancy period, the neurons grow at an alarming amount of 250,000 per minute. The human brain needs constant source of oxygen.

It is said that our modern lifestyle of the brain has many effects on us. Severe stress and depression can cause our brain size to shrink.

Do you know that our brain has the capacity to change throughout our lifetime because of a property known as brain plasticity? It was a believed fact that we were born with a set amount of intelligence and number of brain cells. But recent study has proved that wrong and come out with the theory that our brain cells constantly keep changing throughout. It is also a known fact that our brain keeps developing and learning new skills throughout your lifetime. But the main developments of the human brain occur until the age of late 40's.

Sleep deprivation is one of the main problems that affect human brain and its memory power. It is recommended that the human body require minimum 6-8 hours of sleep daily. This is said to be true because your body and mind needs some amount of rest in order to function properly, retain memory and to react in timely manner. All this can impact your cognitive skills and judgement.

Some interesting facts about brain

As we grow older, it is said that we find difficulty in remembering new events. This is believed to be so because the brain is unable to filter and remove old memories which prevent it from absorbing new ideas. Did you know that the brain's capacity is considered virtually unlimited? It has also been tested that the brain is still far greater to the most powerful computers in existence. It is also believed that the brain is the fattiest organ in the human body. It comprises almost 60% of fat!

Human brain consumes most amount of energy than any other parts of the body. It takes upto 20% of energy to operate. The remaining energy is used up to fuel electrical impulses in the body so that they work well.

Although it is a weird thing that a human cannot use up 100% of our brains and all upto 10%-20% of it is actually used during one's lifetime. If we are capable of doing so much by using only upto 20% of the human brain, what would have been the state of human race if we were using upto a 90% of our brain power?! These are some of the fun and fascinating facts about our brain!