Interesting Facts About Human Brain

Every living has a nervous system as command center and it is called the brain. It is so beautiful that it is the creative unit behind all the technological feats all around. Human brains gets it inputs from all sensory organs in the body and process and then sends the output to the muscles. Except the largeness, human brain and other mammalian brains have same fundamental structures. Indeed, our brains are actually more complex phenomenal organ as it provides us awareness of our existence and that of our environment. As a matter of fact, brain is very vital for the regulating internal temperature, breathing and secretions of gland. Better still, human brain stimulates and coordinates our creative thought, feelings as well as our planning. In fact, the recording and recalling of every event in human life is traceable to brain neurons.

The Brain Structure

The complexity of human brain has made it very exciting frontier in studying human body. No wonder scientists, psychologists and doctors increasingly curious to understand and search brain system and methodological creation of our minds. Generally speaking, brain anatomy can be divided into 3 with relation to embryonic development, namely: The hindbrain, the midbrain and the forebrain.

Histologically speaking, brain cells can be divided into neurons and neurogia. Nerve cells, otherwise called neurons refer to cells which carry out every processing and communication inside the brain. Furthermore, sensory neurons penetrate the brain through peripheral nervous system, and then drop information as per the condition of the body and its environs. Almost all the neurons in the brain gray matter are interneurons. They basically process and integrate information sent to the brain through sensory neurons. Interneurons therefore deliver signals to motor neurons that transmit signals to glands and muscles. On the other hands, Neuroglia otherwise called glial cells is the really the helper cells that helps the brain. They are very supportive and protective of the neurons. The 4 types of brain are ependymal, microglia, oligodendrocytes and astrocytes cells.

Top Tips About Human Brain

Of all human part of the body, the brain is highly multifaceted and miraculous. It is so intrigue that it carries out uncountable number of tasks at same time, all in a twinkle of an eye. Here are some of the amazing fact that may interest you about your brain:

  • Your brains eats more energy when compared to the rest of the body parts: Despite the fact the brain is just about 2% of your whole body, it consumes as much as 20 percent for the creation of cell growth, maintenance and fueling of electrical impulses.
  • There are about 75 percent neo-cortex in the brain. This is surprisingly larger than other species of animal in the bush. This is vital part is what empowers human the capacity to do much more, enhanced our transformation from stone-age to hi-tech species. At pregnancy, neurons easily multiply: Neurons in pregnant women finds it easier to multiply above 200,000 neurons within 60 seconds. This implies that pregnant women are expecting to recall things faster and be more creative than anyone else.
  • Your brain thinks faster than any computer you can think of. To be more explicit, your brain has to capacity to compute 10 to the 13th and 10 to the 16th operation in one second. Indeed, computer is no match to brain when it comes to speed of computation.
  • Human brain is largely made up of water. Hence, when dehydrated, you can be light headed, unable to recall things and feeling dizzy because you are depriving the brain from vital nutrient for effective performance.
  • Exercising brain makes it to develop more effectively. Exercises should not be limited to body only, you can equally enhance your brain for maximal output and energy with regular exercise. Studies have shown than exercise stimulates brain since effective plumbing in the brain can only be enhanced by healthy cardiovascular system.
  • If you don’t use your brain, you may lose its efficiency. Just like muscle, it is possible to develop cognitive reserve via alternative learning and experiences. People in this categories are more equipped to face life challenges.
  • Brain waves are much more active in dream. The brain is never shut off or shut down when you are sleeping. Rather, scientists have proven that brain explore Theta activity which is higher than Beta
  • Your brain comprises of almost 100 billion neurons. This is simply in multiples of the entire population in the whole world and yet every single neuron effectively connect to at least 10,000 others. The massive connections enables us for creativity and to remember things.
  • Just 10% of human brain is being put to use at any given time. This is a mystery and even scientists have agreed with this but no one has come out with contrary facts
  • Human brain is reputed for pumping significant blood in every 60 seconds. Over 20 percent of blood flow from the heart in being pumped by brain. In other words, this is almost 750ml of blood minute by minute.