Interesting Facts About Memory

Memory is a very a strange thing. It is very playful and tricky. It has the capacity to play with your mind and collects even the minute details from things we see around. It is a known fact that the process of memory starts at the age of 20 weeks after conception. Memory essential has 2 components-short term and long term. And it works on your visual and auditory memory. There is no limit to the amount of information you can remember. But only a small part of information can be stored in the short term memory. Also, the short term memory in humans can last upto half a minute.

The mental activity intends to preserve, store and reproduce information. It is also true that each memory in individual to each person. And it can be influenced by many factors. And these factors are intelligence, interest, speed of learning, ability to retain, good health and sleep. The memory gets fragmented in different parts of your brain. And most of our memory is likely to get prioritized on our emotions. Emotions attach themselves to new data in the brain, acting as an indicator.

It is true that through aging, our memory tends to reduce. But this is not due to the old-aging. It is because we tend to exercise our brains less as we grow older. So, like any other part of your body, your brain too needs some amount of exercise. It is an amazing fact how our memory has a strong bond with certain scents and smells. A particular smell that is strongly associated with your memory can a vital role in your life.

The capacity of memory is limitless. It is believed that an adult can remember upto one hundred thousand words during a lifespan. Studying in a varied range of environments can actually improve the strength of your ability to recall that information in the future. The memory has a super power when it is shown new information in visual forms. The information viewed via a visual form tends to attach to your memory faster and much stronger than a mere form of written text.

In many ways, the ability to memorize depends on learning skills. The different parts of the brain are used to create different types of memory. These parts include motor cortex, language area, and visual cortex. At the same time, fundamentals of memory such as words, sounds, sights and emotions are encoded in their corresponding area of origination.

Sleep to get healthy memory

Sleep is quite essential for a healthy memory as it facilitates storage and the retrieval of long-term memory. The hippocampus in the brain plays a significant role in memory. It consolidates memory from the short-term to the long-term memory. The reason behind this is both sides of brain are identical and the hippocampus can be get from the both the hemispheres. Damage to the hippocampus can cause anterograde amnesia. This is the state of impeding the ability to form new memories.

There are several ways to improve your memory power. The right food and a healthy lifestyle can improve and build strong memory. The brain always requires continuous supply of glucose which can get through the eaten starches like grains, vegetables and fruits. Hence, glucose is an essential item for the human body.

Benefits of healthy memory:

  • Good memory supplements are sure to boost your memory. These supplements include fish oil supplements, bacopa, choline etc.
  • Playing brain games such as Sudoku, chess, quantitative and qualitative reasoning, memory card games can all enhance your concentration and memory power.
  • Try mastering a new skill and see how well you will be able to perform in it. This is because through practice, you learn the ability to memorise the task and also find new and novel ways to carry out the task. For example, when people start learning to drive a motor vehicle they would have an amount of difficulty at first. But through practice, they would improve in this skill due to practice of learning. And slowly the controls would automatically get stored in the memory. So the next time you would have to apply brakes, it would flow in automatically.

Stop multitasking! This is the worst way to carry out multiple activities at once. Try handling one or two activities at a time. Multi-tasking makes you prone to more errors. Also, you would learn less about each task and activity if you keep doing 3-4 different things at a time.

Usage if mnemonics is one of the most popular form of enhancing and retaining your memory. These are tools that help you memorise in an easier and faster form. Acronyms, rhymes and acrostics are the mnemonic devices.

Being mentally active, balancing your stress and practising constant meditation is the key to a strong memory. Chronic stress leads to depression which causes the destruction of brain cells which in turn leads to memory loss as one of its outcomes. And the practice of meditation produces a positive charge in the brain which is important for memory and learning.