Nootropics - The Hype

Humans are busy on several borders. We must have to combat the universal challenges as well as the problems related to their ethical position in the society. Organic and Inorganic food, the missions to Mars, the cosmetic surgery, the HARP project and the so called super humans, still not out dated. The list of debatable issues is extending continually, the new member is our star drug class, "Nootropics". The use of smart drugs is as controversial as the missions to Mars. They work or not, what side effects they are causing and the use without prescription is part of that debate.

You are taking a pill to start with a project that can suck all your energy, looks cool, but, is it fair for your colleague who did not use it? As they enhance cognitive function, their use by healthy individuals to enhance performance is considered unfair. No, obviously you are not using the drug to stand out (believe me, it's not me). Then who else is there with the trick? The students, the office workers and some professors too.

When the play grounds, bars and the cinemas near the institutes are nearly empty and the libraries are full of students, the season is of exams. Students always feel the tension of exams, mostly before a day or two, at its peaks. But, the trend shows variation (not slight). The thing relaxing the majority is our topic of discussion, Modafinil, one of the Nootropics. Students are trying it to beat the competition. Most of them rely on it completely, for whole of their degree. A survey across Europe, shows that, most of the university students permitted for the use of smart drugs for study. The student pressure causes a US university to adjust its rules. Duke university's amended code shows zero tolerance against the use of performance enhancing drugs. They consider the use of performance enhancers as a form of cheating. The survey results found that 15% of UK kids (university students) grabbed the drugs without prescription. This makes a lot of students on drugs as the student population is high there. The adaptability and the ability to make decisions under high risk can make you the choice of many employers and hence can give a boost to your career. To meet the requirements of today's work place one must have to be a good planner, problem solver and must be able to co-ordinate with colleagues. The maintenance of these skills under stress is the main thing. All that is just to show why people feel the need of drugs? An online survey by journal Nature reported 1,400 people from 60 countries on Modafinil and Ritalin to enhance their focus, memory and abilities under stress.

A survey, from a German health insurance company included almost 5000 workers, projected that about 6.7% were using drugs to be compatible with their work place requirements. The percentage was 4.7% five years before in 2009, as the survey conducted in 2015. The real numbers of users are unknown because most people hesitate to be reported as a user. Estimations of usage of Modafinil and Ritalin by students is about 10%-15%.

Some professors are also using the same banned drugs to cope with the work load. The thing is explained by a Cambridge University academic. According to "The Times" report one of the five professors admitted the use of Modafinil. Dr. Hannah Critchlow, at the Hay Festival, said that; "I’m not going to advocate the use of Modafinil by people who just want to be more focused. Brain is a house of many changes and the mechanism of drugs is still unknown along with the effects caused by the use for a long time period." 25% of professors are using the drugs, when the secret disclosed, Dr. Hanna presaged of the risks of drugs. People are buying these drugs from internet as these are banned in most countries (but not in the social media world), increasing the risks. As you don't know the supplier and the quality of his products.

Using Factiva data base an empirical study of media reporting of the cognitive enhancement is conducted in 2011. According to the results of that study the media articles mentioned the possible benefits more than the side effects. They claim that the use for neuroenhancement is common, but the claim has a weak support. Journalists should be careful to portray any of the drugs for non-medical use. According to the study 94% represented it as increasing, 66% use academic literature as a reference and 44% mentioned an author or journal.95% of articles provide no less than one likely benefit of using drugs for, enhancing performance, but only 58% provided with side effects. So, this is the analysis of media hype, they know not more than many of us. As, a result of that hype use is increasing and mostly the illegal use. The Global Drug Survey (2016) reported, one of the ten volunteers admitted to bought some drugs from the internet, showing that Dark Web Drug markets are growing.

All the surveys and the studies might compel you to take a run or to do exercise for memory enhancement rather than using any kind of drugs. The organic food is rising again, because of its benefits. The natural sources are the best things as, provided by nature and are compatible with our bodies. The extent of synthetics in our lives is also a scale to measure problems. So, be close to nature and be happy.