Smart Drugs - A Scientific Way To Improve The Brain Activities

The competitive world today has brought drastic changes in various fields. Whether the individual is a simple businessman, a student, a salesperson with high targets, or a scientist, etc., all are affected with the competitive environment. To bring out the best performance, priory the use of caffeine was taken. However, as the level of competition increased, the caffeine also got replaced with an effective supplement that is proved to be more effective than it.

Yes, people are now moving towards the use of smart drugs that are becoming popular for enhancing the activities of the brain. They are widely used for maximizing the capacity of the brain by various people. They help in sharpening the mind and increases its grasping power to remain stable in the competition.

According to the scientists, the intelligence of the human brain is divided into two different sections; the fluid intelligence and the crystallized intelligence. The fluid intelligence is said to increase as the age increases, but the crystallized intelligence remains stable. Hence, to boost that stable intelligence, people generally go for smart drugs. But do the smart drugs actually work for enhancing the brain.

Here are some popularly used smart drugs that have different effects on the brain.


The brand name of the smart drug is Provigil. The drug was primarily invented for the patients having sleeping problems. Along with this, the drug was also approved for narcolepsy on medical grounds. It also works for shift work sleep disorder and antithetical sleep apnea. The medicine helps in increasing the concentration on any particular work or assignment with required focus.

Modafinil is quite popular among the Silicon Valley geeks, biohackers, Wall street bankers, etc. The pill when taken gives a feeling that makes you younger, and also gives you a sound sleep. It is taken for any specific tasks only and is not recommended regularly. No doubt the drug showed no effect on the memory, or the docility of thoughts, but has showed great results on long and complex jobs like decision making, planning, etc.

Some of the side effects of taking Modafinil are:

  • Nausea and headache have been the common side effects of Modafinil;
  • Other side effects are anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, nervousness, decrease in appetite, heart palpitations, weight loss, etc.
  • Some results have shown an adverse effect on the same area of the brain where it gives positive results on long term use through PET scans;
  • The long-term use of the pills has also shown adverse effects like disturbed sleeping cycle, disordered brainwave patterns for sleeping, etc.

Hence, if you are using for any smart drug that helps you in focusing on any particular task, Modafinil is what you are looking for.


Armodafinil is also a kind of smart drug that works for increasing focus, memory and clarity. The pills are also advised to the individuals facing sleeping problems like sleep apnea, shift work, etc. There are other reasons too for which you might be advised to have the drug. While taking these pills, it is advised to avoid tasks that require alert actions like driving, as makes you feel sleepy. As the medicine may make you addicted on long term basis they should be taken only when required. Along with this, the individual should also limit the intake of caffeine and chocolates as it may lead to effects like shakiness, increase in heartbeats, nervousness, etc.

Armodafinil is said to improve the flow of blood to the brain, which increased the plasticity of brain that is related with learning and memory. Hence, it improves the memory, especially if the individual is suffering from any mental issues like dementia, brain injuries, strokes, etc.

Some side effects of using Armodafinil:

  • Fever, frequent urination, uncommon changes in heart beats;
  • Burning, itching, numbness, tingling feelings;
  • Difficulty in breathing;
  • Headache;
  • Shaking of hands, legs, feet or arms;
  • Chest tightness;
  • Diarrhea, dry mouth, irritability;
  • Hyperventilation, nausea, blurred vision;
  • Difficulty in identifying and many more.

On taking Armodafinil, if you vision any kind of changes in your health or skin, it is advised to call the doctor soon. Swelling on the face is also a sign of something serious which needs quick consultation from the doctor. The drug is also not advised to the pregnant women or lactating mothers.


Nootropics, commonly known as smart drugs, are widely accepted for boosting the functions of the brain. They are quite popular among individuals from nearly all the fields and age for giving an extra boost to the brain for any particular task. There are nearly 13 different types of Nootropics that have their own effect on the brain, and hence, are chosen accordingly.

Nootropics like Adrafinil is used for focus, memory boosting and motivation, while Racetams are popular among the individuals looking for mental turnover, learning, public speaking, and memory booster. Nicotine is for focus, motivation and mood, while Adderall is mainly to increase your dedication.

Hence, as you decide to start with Nootropics it is advisable to consult the doctor to get something you need rather than going randomly with any of them.