The Rising Use Of Smart Drugs To Increase Brain Smartness Among Students

So what really is a smart drug?

The smart drugs also called the Nootropics are compounds that enhance the brain. They provide your brain with an extra boost. Something likes the role of a memory supplement. Nootropics are an actively benefitting agent. The types of Nootropics include: Modafinil (Provigil), Armodafinil (Nuvigil) and Adrafinil. These drugs help increase focus, motivation, memory and clarity.

Why do most students indulge in smart drugs lately?

Today, many students across the universe use these "smart drugs” to enhance their brain power. It is a believed fact that the Nootropics help increase alertness and reduce fatigue. However, the main reason that more students engage in these smart drugs is due to the increased pressure to do well in their examinations. And other few students use these to do the pending work & assignments that they have to do. These are the few reasons as to why students engage in more of these smart drugs. To beat exam stress and to stay awake too, students consume these smart drugs.

High school and universities are the most competitive firms, where most of these kinds of drugs are distributed. And hence the students indulge in this more than any other age group people. Nootropics are said to increase coercion. This is a bigger pressure to maintain administration of drugs even when not required. However, these Nootropics do have its own side effects. These drugs have many side effects including wake-shift disorder, stomach problems and daytime sleepiness.

Hence, more consumption of these smart drugs can result in serious health-altering diseases:

  • The way these smart drugs are advertised and popularized are quite amazing. It is most influential in the affluent suburbs. The role of social media in this process is quite huge in amount.
  • The smart drugs make you more alert and concentrated for long hours. The first drugs found in this category were Amphetamine and Methamphetamine. The Amphetamine is work by liberating and re-uptake of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine.
  • People also take it to enhance their performance.

Now, the leading problem of using Nootropics is that, it is quite addictive. The duration of action of Nootropics is still unknown. So, once the effects of these drugs wear off, students tend to revert back to consuming an additional pill so that they stay active. This increases the likelihood to develop an addiction towards it. Also, once the effects are worn-out, the students return back to the stage of laziness. Another major negative effect of smart drugs is that the more the addiction, the results tend to lead you to a euphoric stage wherein the person might indulge in risk-taking behaviours.

It is even more important for students from the pharmaceutical backgrounds to not misuse these drugs. A pharmacy student caught involving such acts will be dealt with serious consequences such as hearing before the university's fitness-to-practice committee and a further investigation into the students. Depending on the nature of the offence the students can have restrictions based on the intensity of the offence. Pharmacists, who break the code of ethics, will be ordered by the Society. The pharmacists hence have to honest and trustworthy and should develop their professional knowledge and capability.

The common types of Nootropics used are Methylphenidate and Modafinil which is used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy.

  • To some extent even parents are accountable for encouraging students to consume smart drugs.
  • The long-term effects impairments to the brain, drastically reducing its adaptability for multitasking, organizing and planning.
  • The most important problem is that the prescription for these can be accessed online thus anyone and everyone can access these drugs freely.
  • The other names that are closely defined classification of drugs include neuro enhancers and/ or cognitive enhancers.
  • Other problems closely associated with overuse of these smart drugs are anxiety, the jitters, disorganized thinking, decreased sleep, weight loss and appetite suppression, increased BP, overall causing decline in health conditions.

These smart drugs might lead you to involve in other substances abuses, the studies have proved that. The substances abused commonly include, alcohol, marijuana,, cigarettes, cocaine, heroine, ecstasy and many more.

So, to conclude, students use these drugs to tackle work and study with an unstoppable zest. These cognitive-enhancing drugs can help improve memory, creativity and increase the ability to concentrate more. Also, working professionals take these drugs to deliver and maintain high performance in the office. These drugs are easily accessible, making it much more dangerous for drug abusers. These can even be purchased online at minimal cost. And it has long term effects such as muscle weakness, bleeding, numbness, narcolepsy apart from its shirt term effects such as rashness, headaches and severe blistering.

Hence, do not overdose on smart drugs as its negative outcomes prevail its one positive outcome. And stay healthy and positive minded at all times.