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    Melissa Mahasi

    Efficient medicine and fast delivery

    Claritin generic name Loratadine is good medicine. It removed my nasal congestion. My parcel also came in time. I will recommend you to my family and friends.

    23 July 2017

  • L

    Lena Marks

    Reliable meds suppliers

    It is not easy to trust online suppliers when it comes to delivery. I had been disappointed a number of times before, but when my friend recommended Meds4Sure, I decided to give it a try for claritin tablet and they did not disappoint. They did what they promised.

    5 July 2017

  • R

    Rose Taranu

    Fast service

    I wasn’t sure about receiving my meds in time because of the distance, but it came sooner than I expected. Meds4Sure, you are fast! I will always buy from you.

    24 Jun 2017

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    Maria Rodric

    Good medicine

    Claritin 10 mg medicine is good. It healed my allergy.

    14 Jun 2017

  • P

    Paddy MD

    A little discomfort while using it

    Claritin gave me some discomforts at the beginning, some slight headache and dry lips but it was something I could tolerate a little longer. The meds are okay.

    6 Jun 2017

  • D

    Davis Hynson

    Efficient service

    All the way from placing my order to delivery, it was great. I didn’t have to wait for long. My parcel arrived well packaged, not tampered with. Use Claritin coupon.

    25 May 2017

  • B

    Barbara Torres

    Amazing delivery time

    Delivery was fast, I couldn’t believe it. Thank you Meds4Sure.

    17 May 2017

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    Dianne Sherrie

    Order delayed

    Meds4Sure had assured me of receiving my meds after at most a week but that was not the case. It delayed and couldn’t track my order at some point. Any way I received it after a while. I did not like the delay at all. Perhaps they should try and be straight forward from the beginning.

    27 Apr 2017

  • B

    Brandon Turner

    Affordable medicine

    When I saw the price for Claritin generic, I was surprised. It looked so cheap to me, wondered if it was real. I went ahead and made my order though. I received and started using it. It worked.

    16 Apr 2017

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    Monica Desai

    Nice Medicine

    It is very nice medicine. Thanks.

    27 Mar 2017

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    Moore J.

    It healed me of my allergies

    Had developed some allergic reactions that made me sneeze a lot. My doctor gave me this prescription Claritin dosage. Got it online from Meds4Sure. It took care of my allergy.

    21 Mar 2017

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