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  • G

    George Daniels

    Prompt delivery

    I love these guys! Very prompt. Great price, too. Be careful with Lexapro and alcohol.

    23 July 2017

  • L

    Lauren Arevalo

    Efficient service

    I placed my order but it was cancelled because my Lexapro dosage was out of stock at that time. I tried a few days later and my order went through. I waited for a few weeks for my parcel to arrive. Med4Sure were prompt and efficient. Thanks for the meds.

    13 July 2017

  • S

    Sweta Pathak

    Timely delivery and affordable

    It was good ordering with you. You were on time and your medicines are also affordable. Check lexapro reviews to order right dose.

    1 July 2017

  • R

    Ruth Randle

    Reliable medicine

    Lexapro 10mg is fine except for some mild side effects. I suffered from constipation and nausea for the first few days, but they went away after sometime. I would recommend this Lexapro to anyone who has anxiety or depression issues, or even if they have a family member with these problems.

    18 Jun 2017

  • B

    Benjamin Seei

    Good price

    The price at Lexapro 20 mg is awesome. Very affordable!

    3 Jun 2017

  • B

    Brandon James

    Very reliable

    It is not usually easy for me to place my orders online. In this case, I decided to take a risk after going through their website and realised Lexapro 5mgwas what I needed. My order arrived intact and on time. Lexapro worked well for me. I will always buy my medicines from them.

    18 May 2017

  • D

    D.M Lexie

    Good customer service

    These people have a very good customer service. I received my Lexapro medication order when it was already tampered with. I was calling them for a refund, but they managed to convince me otherwise. They were sorry for the whole thing and promised to replace it, which they did. Med4Sure you are good.

    1 May 2017

  • A

    Anne Bhatt

    Very prompt

    The shipping of Lexapro generic was very prompt. Thanks.

    11 Apr 2017

  • J

    Jack Robinson

    Treated depression

    Our 16 year old daughter had been suffering from some bouts of depression. We couldn’t understand why. After consulting our doctor, he gave us a prescription for Lexapro Generic. We placed our order almost immediately and received it after around two weeks. It has helped her a lot. It actually treats depression.

    6 Apr 2017

  • E

    Ellah Dinah

    Solved my anxiety problem

    My doctor prescribed Lexapro 10 mg for me. It solved my anxiety problems. Thank you Meds4Sure.

    25 Mar 2017

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