Modalert (Modafinil)

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Modalert (Modafinil)

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Modalert and Modafinil drugs contain the same active substance

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  • Very pleased
  • Owsum

Most of my time I was depressed and procrastinated. It was very difficult for me to be socialized. A kind of irritation was always with me. Modalert is effective in combating the situation. It helped my mind to be crystal clear and focused. Now I can plan my whole day and can get the stuff done properly on time. It also gives me some headaches but I think so I should cut off my coffee, to avoid too much stimulants. The drug is not that much pricey but the insurance will not want to pay for it. I am buying it online and always find a nicely packed parcel. On time delivery always saves my day. Waiting for the headaches to leave me alone with an active, focused mind. Satisfied and pray that the effects of drug do not diminish.

Raisa Sivanandham
  • Loving it
  • Raisa Sivanandham

I do require to cut down on my sleep to meet the requirements of my business school demanding schedule. It is the demand of the incredibly intimidating coursework. I really don't know how my class fellows enter the class fully dressed up and alert after all night study, while I look like a zombie. I was tired and unable to retain what I was trying to learn. But after the use of Modalert I could process what I was learning. It was just like if I was studying first thing, the energy was so good. It makes my night study easy and I can get it without prescription, from internet. The young people eager to be successful in sleep deprivation. It makes you stupid. To reduce sleep is not a big thing but to go without sleep for days is not good for health.

Raj Raj
  • It use to very easy
  • Raj Raj

I would say Modalert is a medicine which contains all the benefit but without wanting to pay a huge price for it. I would also like to recommend Modalert as an anti-depressant as it helped me a lot in many ways. But I should warn you that, when I was on the tablet a decreased feel to eat occurred-loss of appetite in other words. I did not feel like binging on any more. Instead I would pick up a nice or a nice hot cup of coffee to keep me more energized. I would recommend 200 mg rather than a 100mg as 200 mg would give you that mega power to stay focused and cheerful every time. It is so wonderful how it works on your body- 30-45 minutes after you take the tablet you suddenly feel a small rush and everything slowly starts to get focused-your vision, your thinking...everything! But it's best to eat something nutritious to keep you energized throughout the day since after taking this tablet, you might not feel very hungry which may cause other problems.

Salogan Pillay
  • So far so good
  • Salogan Pillay

I am a student on higher studies, and for me sleeping shouldn't be the barrier to my success. However, in my case, it was. I was addicted to long sleeping hours, which disturbed my studies to a great extent. In the initial days, I searched for various natural techniques to keep me awake for at least a night so that I can complete my courses. Some of them failed, while some of them worked to some limited hours. My search ended when once I read about Modalert on the internet. I went through the complete article and also made required research on it along with the reviews of various users too. Finally, I decided to try the tablets for once to know whether they work with me or not. I ordered the tablets online, and tried out them for a month. And guess what! It actually worked and I was able to deal with my studies successfully. With zero side effects, I am now able to sit for hours.

Pelma Jha
  • Has great features
  • Pelma Jha

Challenged myself to try the difference between Waklert and Modalert. Want to know which one was the best? Both did keep me awake. While Modalert is from the Modafinil family, Waklert is from the Armodafinil family. And the only difference between the both is their slight variations in chemical composition. The effects of Modalert started kicking me in half an hour after it was taken. The effects of Waklert too started kicking-in half an hour to 45 minutes after it was eaten. The major difference I found between these two is that it was easier to fall asleep later on Waklert and twice as much harder on Modalert. But somehow I still prefer Modalert due to its complete wakefulness. And the amount of focus I had on Modalert was just 'wow'! The only reason I would use Modalert is to carry out instant work without procrastinating. For me personally, as I mentioned earlier, prefer Modalert and its effects but few people I know who has tried both prefer Waklert. So it's really your call. Try a sample first and see which one works best on you.

Attar Anwaress
  • Works for sleep disorders
  • Attar Anwaress

So, before consuming Modalert, I had decided to Google it and found the reviews quite good. Upon buying it, I consumed the meds of 200 mg and I timed myself to see how long I could stay awake for. The effect ran for a good 6 hours and I didn't feel sleepy at all. But previously I had consumed Modalert 100mg and realised it had very less effectiveness on my body since I still felt sleepy after 2 or 3 hours after consuming the medicine. I've heard that Modalert were prescribed for people with ADHD and sleep disorders. But I absolutely did not suffer from any of this and I just wanted to try how these tablets work on your body. 200mg is quite effective, I would say and it kept me pumped up! Like, I was in extreme happiness when I took it. But realised one thing…if you haven't slept for a day or so and have an exam the next day, then don't think about popping this pill. I wouldn't recommend that. Your body needs certain amount of sleep. So don't be hard on yourself and only use it at emergency situations.

Neha Mishra
  • Let's see
  • Neha Mishra

I just began with Modalert, it's my second day, and I am very impressed with its results.

For nearly 9-10 months, I am suffering from Hypopnea Syndrome and having very odd effects on my sleeping hours. Due to this, I also faced problems with my working hours with other minor health issues that followed due to Hypopnea Syndrome, which is also known as obstructive sleep apnea. The side effects worsened when I started feeling fatigue and stopped breathing nearly 50 times in an hour. I also tried the CPAP machine and tried for three days, but the practice also failed. After all the failed efforts, my doctor suggested me with Modalert, when I disagreed to sleeping pills.

Modalert has surprised me with effective results in merely 2 days. It gives me required energy for the next day, with appropriate sleeping hours at night. Also, it is giving me a relief from other health issues I was having like fatigue, reduced appetite, and much more still looking forward for better results from the smart drug.

  • Omg! This is defs 5/5
  • Heartsmich

Are you also suffering from depression! This was my state some months back. I was facing depression since a good period, which was getting worse. I tried various medicines and also tried various meditation plans, which were all in waste. Then I began with Modalert, on the suggestion of my cousin. It was only my first day, and the results really made a good effect on my health. I felt light from head, no negativity, confusion or loafing, etc. I generally take the pill at night after dinner, and within 3 hours, I am ready for working on my schedule for the next day. Not only this, the next day when I wake up, I am completely fresh and energetic to complete my list with ease. After several months of half dead life, this was a new life full of potentiality for me. The pills no doubt leave you with minor headache the next morning when I wake up in the morning, but it is manageable with a cup of hot tea.

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About Modalert (Modafinil)

Modalert (active substance Modafinil 100 mg and 200 mg) is an analeptic/eugeroic stimulant drug used for enhancing alertness and attention. It is mainly used for treating narcolepsy, sleep apnea (inability to breathe normally during the sleep), and shift work disorder. It has effects analogous to Amphetamines, though with less side effects due to its distinct system of action.

Sometimes it is used for Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome and AHDH (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), as well, since some of the early studies showed that it had similar effects as other stimulants which improved mental acuity in patients suffering from attention disorders. However, the usage of Modalert drug in case of AHDH is still not recommended, since positive results were absent in many other cases.

Its main active ingredient is Modafinil - a substance which stimulates certain parts of the nervous system and prevents back-absorption of various neurotransmitters in the brain ( serotonin, dopamine, glutamate…), thus enhancing mental concentration and attention, as well as thinking and memory processes.

What should you know before taking Modalert

Do not take Modalert pills if you use medications for high-blood pressure, medications for blood-thinning, anti-seizure medications, anti-depressants, or street drugs. It is important to consult with your doctor before taking Modalert and inform him about all medications you take and health problems you have.

Also, provide him with your disease history. Highest-risk group are people suffering from heart problems, liver cirrhosis, and kidney problems. The same applies to people who are sensitive to Modalert ingredients, such as Modafinil and Armodafinil, and even those people who are allergic to gluten. Caution should be taken concerning Modalert pills due to Modafinil addictive power. Do not give it to people addicted to drug or alcohol, and notify your doctor if you have addiction problems. You should not take Modalert with alcohol or any other stimulant.

Caution should also be taken due to Modafinil negative effects on cognitive abilities, since it does not always enhance alertness of mind, but may also have reverse effect and impede mental processes. That is why you should not drive or participate in any activity that necessitates focus and concentration while taking Modalert drugs. Do not think that taking this medicine will compensate your impaired attention and mental abilities.

Children and pregnant women should not use this medicine before consulting their doctor. The same applies to women who nurse or who plan to have a child. The exact effects of Modafinil toward children are not yet scientifically acknowledged.

How to Take Modalert

Modalert tablet is administered orally according to instructions on the label and as prescribed by your doctor. It should be used only in cases of sleep disorders: narcolepsy, work shift disorder, and sleep apnea.

Do not take it for periods longer than 9 weeks. You should notify your doctor in case you experience sleeping disorder symptoms even after taking Modalert.

Keep the medicine away from sunlight, children and people addicted to drugs or alcohol, stored in dry place at temperature not higher than 25 degrees Celsius.

The Recommended Dosage

In case of sleep apnea and narcolepsy, take 200-400 mg once in the morning or twice a day. And in case of shift work disorder, take a 200 mg Modalert dose one hour before work time. Do not take Modalert at times when you do not need to stay awake, and do not take it before bedtime.

Patients suffering from liver or kidney problems should take 100 mg once or twice a day; if taken twice a day, one dose should be taken in the morning, and the other one at midday. However, it is important to consult with your doctor beforehand and inform him about your illness.

If you miss to take a dose at prescribed time, do not increase the next Modalert doses and do not do anything on your own. Consult with your doctor first. In case of taking larger amounts of the medicine, immediately seek emergency help.

Reported Side Effects of Modalert

Despite its purpose to treat sleep disorders, Modalert tablets may cause minor sleeping and cognitive disorders. The common side effects of Modalert include:

  • Trouble with falling asleep;
  • Feeling anxious or nervous;
  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Impaired cognitive abilities;
  • Nausea and diarrhea;
  • Back pain.

This is a list of rare yet more serious side effects:

  • Allergic reactions;
  • Agitation and abnormal behavior;
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Trouble with breathing or swallowing;
  • Chest pain;
  • Swelling of legs;
  • Swelling of face, tongue, lips or throat.

According to a number of performed studies, there is only a very small chance of any of these side effects' appearance. Nevertheless, if you notice any of those signs, seek emergency help at once.

Interaction with Other Drugs

More than 500 medications were found to interact with Modalert; 445 of them cause significant drug interaction, while 47 could cause severe health problems. Medications for high-blood pressure, mental disorders, and blood-thinning should not be taken together with Modalert packs. The same applies to any form of stimulant drug.

There are four medications that must never be combined with Modalert for the high risk of critical interaction: Marplan (isocarboxazid), Nardil (phenelzine), Parnate (tranylcypromine), and Zyvox (linezolid).