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    William Brown

    Perfect Packaging

    Gabapentin capsules remains safe from weather effects due to perfect packaging.

    17 Dec 2017

  • C

    Charles Brown

    Painful Recovery

    Before using Gabapentin 800 mg, you must keep in mind that recovery process is really painful and you’d have to go through several side effects while trying to relieve some pain. However, at the end of the day, you’d feel really comfortable and relaxed as all the pain would be gone. I would recommend this drug to anyone that is suffering from nerve pain problem.

    7 Dec 2017

  • M

    Michael Wilson

    The delivery service is perfect

    Being a doctor, I have to purchase Gabapentin 400 mg several times for the patients. I have used other services but due to some issues I shifted to this seller. I have got multiple orders delivered and none of the orders were delayed.

    29 Nov 2017

  • R

    Reece Taylor

    No Pain No Gain

    As I started using Gabapentin tablets, I felt very tired and weak. I did not panic because I had already read the instructions on website. So, I kept using Neurontin and finally, got rid of the problem permanently.

    7 Nov 2017

  • D

    David Anderson

    Amazing results

    Amazing Gabapentin 100mg results. Thumbs up guys.

    21 Oct 2017

  • T

    Thomas Wilson

    Great service

    The service is great and the ordering process is also very smooth and easier – was told what Gabapentin dosage to order.

    16 Oct 2017

  • J

    Jacob Murphy

    Thank you very much

    Thank you for helping me out.

    9 Oct 2017

  • H

    Harry Anderson

    Shocking price

    I came to this website and couldn’t believe my eyes because the price they are offering is really amazing. I placed the order and got Gabapentin 300 mg capsule delivered without any extra charges. These guys really deserve a thumbs up.

    5 Oct 2017

  • J

    Joe Evans

    Fast delivery

    I was in extreme need of Gabapentin 600 mg. Thanks to the seller. I got it delivered within a few days. Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

    14 Sept 2017

  • R

    Robert Williams

    It made me feel relaxed

    The nerve pain was a severe problem that I was suffering from. The doctor prescribed me to use Gabapentin 300mg after a few months of treatment. And this drug played a drastic role in overcoming the issue. And I’m completely relaxed as all the pain is gone.

    30 Aug 2017

  • N

    Nancy Baraza

    Efficient and fast

    Offered great advice. Postage was not bad. Delivery was fast and efficient. Would recommend Meds4sure

    28 Aug 2017

  • P


    Great experience

    It was nothing but great experience. Always trust you with my medication

    9 Aug 2017

  • L


    Holiday reminder

    I always receive reminders for any holiday that is forth coming. Therefore, confirming order deadline to ensure that I always have medication. Highly recommend the company

    25 July 2017

  • M

    Martin Luther

    Good my foot

    These guys gave me a wrong order and were not able to answer my questions. I got pissed off and cancelled the order but they did not refund me yet the blame was on them.

    24 July 2017

  • J

    Joanne Fernando

    No regrets

    I have order 6 times now and received the same service. Actually, the website services are easier each and every time I try to place aa new order. No other company is as good as Meds4sure.

    20 July 2017

  • F


    Outstanding services

    Very professional. Delivery is really good and medication is real.

    1 July 2017

  • O



    Quick easy and efficient. I always recommend it to my friends.

    20 Jun 2017

  • S

    Steve Biko

    Great shipping discount

    I really enjoyed my first three orders as the shipment fee had a good discount

    7 Jun 2017

  • C


    Safe process

    Despite having a safe process, it was through too.

    19 May 2017

  • V


    Effective pills for seizures

    The pills were effective as we used it on my grandpa. It controlled the seizures.

    5 May 2017

  • T


    Side effect

    After using Neurontin for some time, I discovered some painful sores both in and outside the mouth. These sores couldn’t let me eat. Disappointed on the drugs.

    20 Apr 2017

  • F

    Febrone B.


    I like the fact that the medicine can be taken either before and after meals. Used it on my mum both before and after meals and it still worked effectively.

    11 Apr 2017

  • S


    Best services.

    The people answering the phone are always good and very polite.

    7 Apr 2017

  • J


    Best private company

    It is nice choosing how to be treated

    21 Mar 2017

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