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  • K

    Keira Robbins

    Not happy with the service anymore

    I placed the order and the site responded that it was too early to re-order and gave a date for placing the order. However, I waited for the date and place the order. You should change your policies I had lost my previous batch, therefore, I re-ordered the medicine.

    14 Aug 2017

  • J

    Julia Chapman


    Always keep their promise.

    8 Aug 2017

  • M

    Matilda Murphy

    Effective medicine

    Nolvadex Tamoxifen is really effective and the results are also impressive.

    26 July 2017

  • T

    Tessa Peck

    Too expensive

    The service is very expensive.

    13 July 2017

  • F

    Francesca Delgado

    Very happy with my purchase

    User friendly site, quick turnaround, good communication, and regular update. Meds4sure is a reliable site for sure.

    23 Jun 2017

  • A

    Aliza Caldwell

    A better solution

    Although it takes some time to treat breast cancer, I still believe that it is better than other painful treatments.

    17 Jun 2017

  • H

    Haleigh Stephenson

    Excellent service

    I was looking for a quick response and got just that.

    29 May 2017

  • A

    Alayna Myers

    Quick turnaround

    Quick turnaround, easy to use site. Would get five stars but some flaws need to be recovered.

    19 May 2017

  • F

    Freya Fisher

    The service is good

    Meds4sure is a good online pharmacy.

    7 May 2017

  • F

    Freya Fisher

    The service is good

    Meds4sure is a good online pharmacy.

    3 May 2017

  • L

    Lilly Moss

    Reduces the pain of recovery

    My doctor told me that the treatment of breast cancer is a painful process but I didn’t feel any pain while using Tamoxifen to recover from breast cancer. My recommendations are that you should try Tamoxifen before trying the painful procedures.

    26 Apr 2017

  • I

    Imogen Andrews

    Cheap Treatment for Breast Cancer

    The breast cancer is a painful disease and the treatment is also very expensive but Tamoxifen changed my thought as it helped me recover from breast cancer at a reasonable price.

    13 Apr 2017

  • A

    Abigail Edwards

    Very helpful site

    Meds4sure is undoubtedly a very helpful site where I feed the solution to all my medical needs.

    3 Apr 2017

  • M

    Melissa Harris

    A Life Saver

    Meds4sure is a reliable and trustworthy site. The delivery of tamoxifen was on time and I have now recovered from the breast cancer.

    18 Mar 2017

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