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  • M

    Michael Bunton

    Reliable supplier

    I finally found a reliable supplier for ampicillin tablet. It is affordable and these people are genuine. They kept their word.

    22 July 2017

  • S

    Sophie Kendall

    Medicines are cheaper

    The cost of Penicillin from Meds4Sure is low. I’m happy that I could afford the medicine because I really needed them. Well done!

    2 July 2017

  • D

    Della Kenyon

    Prompt and reliable

    Their delivery was very prompt. My package arrived the way I expected

    26 Jun 2017

  • G

    George Lopez

    Delayed delivery, but eventually sorted

    My Ampicillin 500 order did not arrive at the time I expected it. I raised the issue with them and they addressed it. My package arrived a few days later.

    9 Jun 2017

  • T

    Terry Posadas

    Reliable and convenient

    Thank you Meds4Sure. I got Ampicillin capsules. Very convenient

    4 Jun 2017

  • J

    Jenifer Warden

    Swift deliveries

    They are very swift in delivering orders.

    15 May 2017

  • P

    Paul Oliver

    Ships to most countries

    I have been buying medicine from Meds4Sure for almost two years now. Not so long ago, I went on holiday outside the US and at some point I needed to purchase Penicillin but I wasn’t sure if they can ship it there. A check on their website confirmed that they ship to the country I was visiting and that was good enough for me. I ordered and received it.

    29 Apr 2017

  • J

    Jane Reeves

    Medicine worked for my baby

    It was nice buying my Penicillin meds from you. Thanks, it helped my baby a lot.

    20 Apr 2017

  • S

    Stella Mubandu

    Customer care addressed my concerns promptly

    I felt disappointed when I received the wrong package. On contacting Meds4Sure, they apologized, advised me on what to do and promised to send the correct one. About ten days later, I got ampicillin 500mg I had previously ordered. Apart from that mix-up, these guys are good. They addressed my concerns promptly.

    16 Apr 2017

  • S

    Sunny Brown

    Affordable and delivery was fast

    It feels good when you need something and you find out that it’s very affordable. I only waited for 7 days before I got it. That was good.

    11 Apr 2017

  • S

    Sarah Holden

    Efficient and reliable

    My baby had been unwell and the doctor gave me a prescription for ampicillin dose. I bought it from them and my baby is now okay. Whenever I need medicine, I would order from these people again.

    26 Mar 2017

  • G

    Grace Badillo

    Very fast service!

    I’m so excited. I received my ampicillin antibiotic order yesterday morning. Meds4Sure, that was fast!

    23 Mar 2017

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