Provigil Generic (Modafinil)

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Provigil Generic (Modafinil)

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Joanne Patle
  • The best for depression
  • Joanne Patle

Depressed and tired all the time, especially after an activity. When, I was out of work place before time, people around me think that I am not trying hard enough to give my best. That was a very hard time of my life, I hardly can explain my situation to anyone. No one was taking it as, something serious, not even I was considering it a disease. My friend was the first one who took me to doctor and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue. It's something else than the tiredness, as, the proper sleep and rest cannot solve the problem. The doctor suggested me Provigil and it was a miracle for me. Now I can actively and effectively perform all my duties. Feelings, of tiredness are still with me, but, not to that extent that could make me almost disable as, I was before starting medicine. Headaches and disturbed stomach are the side effects for me. Provigil is the best thing for me, I am happy with the medicine.

Marilyn Kurr
  • Superb fast result
  • Marilyn Kurr

I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy, decades before. But, the treatment was not causing any difference. A month before, the situation was, sleepy all the time and cannot focus on anything. My career and my relationships suffered from the situation. And I was unable to pay any attention to those things. All I remember at that time was sleep, sleep and sleep. So, I decided to change my doctor. The new one checked the history of my treatment and suggested me Provigil. It works for me. Provigil makes my day less narcoleptic and helps me to be focused. I am taking 200 mg a day. Coffee and other stimulants are not part of my routine any more. Now, I working to make the things normal. As, for the side effects, just little headaches. So, nothing as severe as it was with narcolepsy.

Vivek Kostic
  • Luv it
  • Vivek Kostic

The narcoleptics day routine... Zzzz. Yes, sleep is all that you will find there. It's great to have a sleep pattern, it keeps you alert during active hours of the day, but if you can't sleep properly on time then, you can't focus on whatever you are doing. Got the same thing, sleepy all day, feel scattered and nothing get completed proficiently. With the suggestion of my doctor I am taking Provigil and it works well. The sleep pattern is forming and hence the day time alert hours are increasing. Focused and clear, the new me. Do not observe any side effects for me. The only thing need to be adjusted is price, yes, it's too expensive. Switching jobs and do not have an insurance thing, makes it hard to afford. And, I think many of us cannot afford it. Just, want to feel healthy (and be healthy) I do not want to switch it off. But, the cost might compel me to leave Provigil and try something else.

  • Cool result
  • Sally

I am thankful to Provigil Generic for helping me for long sleepless hours due to which, I am able to compete well in my business. Yes, I am a businessman and sometimes, my company needs me for late hours. Firstly, I tried having caffeine, but it failed as I kept on feeling sleepy at midnights. Than a friend of mine suggested me Provigil Generic, which I ordered from India only. I started taking them when I had work pressure that required hours and hours for working. Taking a single pill gave me nearly 30-40 sleepless hours. The pill was capable to also keep me fresh even though I skipped my sleep.

When it comes to side effects, I am using these pills since last 2 years, but still haven't had any serious side effects, other than mild headache. The headache is also easy to manage, as it vanishes rapidly as I take a nap of nearly 7-8 hours. I still recommend Provigil to various business partners for giving their best performance.

  • Worth to buy
  • Sam

I am suffering from sleeping disorders from the last 5-6 years. I tried each and every advice by my doctors, which left me with more health issues. This affected my health and sleeping hours badly. I was then suggested Provigil Generic by an internet friend of mine. She was using the same when she required hours to work late night. As she was using these pills, and didn't have any major side effects, she asked me to try them for few months. The drug was banned in the country I lived in, and I requested my friend to send it. I started with the pills around 1 year back, and now, I am happy that I have a proper sleeping schedule. Also, after the sleep I am completely fresh for beginning the day with new energy every day. There are no health issues I am facing since a year of usage. A common symptom, fatigue, is there but it is easy to deal with it, for getting good sleep on proper time.

Adrianna Padma
  • Superb
  • Adrianna Padma

Provigil an intelligence booster? Ha! Don't think so? Well, try it for yourself. When I read about it initially even I did not believe it. But after using it for a month, I could tell the difference. I have improved on my language and thinking ability, I feel more confident while I learn something since I can produce the same during an examination. I feel like I learn and observe everything much more vigilantly on Provigil. Provigil gives you a feel good sort of emotion. And helped me keep active especially during my research work days. We used to have long hours of research work to do and I would take one 100mg Provigil generic and keep myself going for the rest of the day. There was loss of appetite at one point of time. And since I am a frequent user of Provigil, I have lost almost 7 kg's. This is probably one side-effect of the medicine where in you don't feel hungry at all. Overall, I feel I gained more benefit than negative outcomes.

Sitesh Sighn
  • Amazing
  • Sitesh Sighn

I came across Provigil through some online reading and was wondering if it would help me with my extreme fatigue and tiredness. I used to always feel lousy and very demotivated to do almost anything. So one day I thought of giving Modafinil generic a try and I was very unhappy with this as it caused red rashes running all over my body and towards the end of the day I felt very dizzy. I tried 2 tablets of 100mg in a day-one in the morning and one in the evening. I had slight temperature the succeeding morning and was back to my old state of being tired but this time, it was intense. So I would definitely say that I wasn't completely satisfied with Provigil and might not really recommend this to anyone else due to its weird side-effects. Though, it was very easy to consume and you can have it with or without the food. Provigil is packed in small plastic containers.

  • It was useful
  • Indika

Apparently Provigil is known to help with depression and helps you to focus more. I was diagnosed with mild depression and a friend of mine told me about this tablet. It was quite helpful for me as it kept me in a more cheerful mood most of the time. If you have uncontrollable day time sleeping, then Provigil might be the solution to it. It literally did save me from all these depressive thoughts and continuous fatigue. But due to increased dosage, the effects of the tablets started wearing off. And I had to take two 100 mg tablets every day to keep me awake. But on intending to take it continuously for more than 2 days, it is likely to give you severe headache on the third day. But when few of my work friends tried it out, they mainly complained about excessive fatigue that they were exposed to. This medicine is also known to treat Narcolepsy or clinically known as Apnea.

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Provigil General Info: Uses and Effects

Provigil Generic (Modafinil 100 mg) belongs to a class of narcotics known as eugeroics, or the wakefulness-promoting medications. It is designed to improve alertness among patients suffering from sleep disorders, such as narcolepsy, shift work disorder, and sleep apnea.

How does it work Provigil affects the brain by stimulation of certain hormones' and chemical neurotransmitters' production which in turn affect alertness and wakefulness. The exact mechanism of its effects toward brain chemicals, however, is not fully known.

Though Provigil is used for treating sleep disorders, it does not represent the ultimate cure for the problem; since it does not treat its primary cause, but only helps you alleviate the symptoms. Do not consider this medicine to be a substitute for your sleep.

Contraindication: Important to know

Your doctor must know your disease history, potential allergic reactions to certain class of medications, and all about your current health issues. For this reason inform your doctor if you have a heart, kidney or liver disease, and if you have experienced an infarct. Also, inform him if you have any mental health problems, such as psychosis and seizure disorders.

Inform him if you take any medications for blood pressure and what medications you have used for longer periods of time, including the information about potential drug or alcohol addiction. You must not drink alcohol while using this medicine.

Concerning drug addiction, be aware that the Modafinil substance has addictive effects, for which reason you should keep it out of other people's and children's reach. It is important to remember not to give Provigil drugs to any other person that might ask you for it, particularly if the person in question has a history of drug addiction.

Modafinil substance may also negatively affect your alertness. While taking Provigil tablets, do not drive or do anything else requiring your full attention. Do not consider Provigil as a substitute for your impaired wakefulness, becoming careless and performing activities you did not do before taking this medicine.

Do not take Provigil pills if you have experienced allergic reactions when taking Armodafinil or Modafinil, since it could provoke skin rash and more severe problems which may require hospitalization.

Pregnant women, women who intend to become pregnant, and women nursing a baby, should talk to their doctor before taking the medicine, since its effects toward an unborn or a nursing baby are still unknown. No person younger than 17 should take Provigil drug.

Instructions on Taking Provigil

Follow the instructions on the prescription label given by your doctor. This implies not taking this medication at any cost in any other way than your doctor instructed you. Do not take either smaller or larger amount of the medicine.

You should take Provigil in the morning, in order to prevent sleepiness during the day. The other option is to take it one hour before your work shift, in order to prevent sleepiness during the work time.

You should not take Provigil more than 12 weeks, though it has not been tested for usage lasting longer than 9 weeks. It does not matter whether you take it before, after, or during the meal.

Inform your doctor if you still have trouble with sleeping despite taking Provigil.

What Dosage to Take

Adults should take orally 200 mg dose a day every morning in cases of sleep apnea and narcolepsy, or an hour before work in case of shift work disorder.

Provigil tablet is also used for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in usual pediatric doses. However, FDA did not approve the usage of Modafinil for children, due to its potential negative effects on children's mental health. It is used only if all other treatments did not show any positive results.

The dosage for children weighing less than 30 kg is 200-340 mg once a day, and for children weighing more than 30 kg, it is 300-425 mg once a day.

If you take higher dosage from Provigil packs than recommended, call for emergency help. If you miss a dose, do not try to compensate it with higher doses next time. Inform your doctor about it. Also, do not take Provigil pill just before going to bed, or if you do not intend to stay awake.

Side Effects of Provigil

The usual side effects of taking Provigil:

  • Insomnia (inability to fall asleep);
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Confusion;
  • Headache and dizziness;
  • Weakness;
  • Memory problems;
  • Mood problems;
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Stomach pain;
  • Back pain.

It is possible to experience other side effects, as well, such as shortness of breath, stuffed nose, sore throat, respiratory infection, etc.

Also, Provigil may cause allergic reactions and more severe mental health problems. If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, immediately seek emergency help:

  • Skin rash or hives;
  • Fever;
  • Dark color of urine;
  • Difficult breathing or swallowing;
  • Swelling of legs, or face, tongue, lips or throat;
  • Jaundice;
  • Hyperactivity and aggression;
  • Severe form of anxiety and depression (suicidal thoughts);
  • Hallucinations;
  • Chest pain.

Interaction with Other Drugs

There are 545 known medications that interact with Provigil, of which 71 are considered to cause clinically significant reactions. For this reason you should inform your doctor about any medication you are currently taking, since it may interfere with Provigil effects. This particularly applies to contraception pills and other birth control agents.