3.6 Very Good
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  • A


    Medication is ok

    The medication is quite ok, although it takes time for it to be quite effective

    21 Sept 2017

  • B

    Briana ovi

    Still waiting

    Still waiting for my delivery, two weeks after placing my order. The customer service lady was of no use, since she could not track my purchase. Anyone, please help!!

    14 Sept 2017

  • L

    Laura beret

    Reliable and convenient

    Really fast, reliable and convenient, always receiving my refills on time. I highly recommend you people.

    1 Sept 2017

  • M

    Mc queen

    Easy to fill prescriptions

    Singulair pill helped me, very convenient and accessible, cool.

    25 Aug 2017

  • A

    Alison Greek

    Affordable pricing

    Singulair tablet is not so pricy, it’s quite affordable, not like others I’ve used before.

    15 Aug 2017

  • M


    Kudos guys

    Great drug Singulair 5mg, great delivery, excellent customer service. Kudos Med4sure!

    29 July 2017

  • S

    Star Evans

    Headache while using the medication

    Other than a headache while using Singulair 4mg, everything else was ok. I recommend it.

    10 July 2017

  • R


    Fire them

    The medication is quite ok, however, the customer service is poor. It took me them 4 hours to answer my call and could not answer my purchase order questions. Disappointed!

    6 July 2017

  • N

    Nora Roxanna

    Monteuikast anytime

    Excellent drug and pricing, montelukast anytime for my asthma

    28 Jun 2017

  • L



    I don’t know if am the one who is not following the dosage correctly or is my allergy too powerful. Am really confused and worried. It’s not working for me.

    14 Jun 2017

  • M

    Michael Morgan

    Excellent delivery time

    Excellent delivery time, no worries on what to do if it won’t arrive on time.

    6 Jun 2017

  • L

    Laura Oliver

    Worst service

    Starting for the delivery guy, to the phone operators, you would think they were giving you for free, and I am the one ordering the drug, and paying! Really, this is not the only medication that I can use in the world. Worst service ever!

    22 May 2017

  • R

    Racheal Adkins

    Sinuses managed

    I used it on my son’s sinuses, couldn’t believe the fevers and the headaches. Wish there was something they could do about it. Anyhow, at list the sinus is managed with Singulair medicine.

    14 May 2017

  • O

    Oliver Twist

    Not bad

    The customer service was ok, and the delivery was late by a day, not too bad.

    2 May 2017

  • J

    John White

    Excellent drug

    Excellent drug, blocked nose, all out! Good Singulair dosage, thanks meds4sure!

    17 Apr 2017

  • J

    Johnston mouse


    Well, I wish they could do something with the singulair 10 taste, it leaves a bitter taste on your tongue. It’s really difficult to swallow especially if you’re chewing. Anyway it’s not too bad, I guess it’s fair.

    15 Apr 2017

  • S


    Miracle drug

    Wooooow! It’s like a miracle drug. Been having cold allergies especially with winter season, however after using Singulair medication for some time, it’s all managed.

    8 Apr 2017

  • E

    Eva Mendez

    Substandard medication

    Wanted to try Singulair generic for my allergies. Turns out, it’s not as effective as they say it is. This drug is so substandard! Best in town my foot!

    24 Mar 2017

  • S

    Samnatha Brown

    Good service

    The customer service was good, with the purchasing of singulair 10mg

    21 Mar 2017

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