4.1 Very Good
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  • J


    The best

    The company is the best. I trust them with all my medication needs. Thank you.

    21 Apr 2018

  • J

    Julie Charles


    Cheap quality medication

    14 Apr 2018

  • B

    Brenda Rich


    Products are always good quality

    26 Mar 2018

  • K



    I took the medication as prescribed by the doctor and it worked effectively

    8 Mar 2018

  • R


    Reliable company

    Reliable company with cheap products compared to the local pharmacy. No hidden cost with fast delivery.

    2 Mar 2018

  • R


    Easy placing order but slow on shipping

    Placing my order was easy as the website was good but delivery was slower than expected with no communication.

    16 Feb 2018

  • D

    Daniel Backer

    No place like Meds4sure

    Recommendable job everything is easy and affordable

    2 Feb 2018

  • E


    Awesome product

    I have been using meds4sure products for 7 months now and have never been disappointed with their products.

    30 Jan 2018

  • L


    Good work

    If you need cheap quality medication and your insurance company requires high co-pay don’t hesitate to try this company

    15 Jan 2018

  • B

    Bell willie


    The company is reliable and offer professional services. The chat and phone assistants are very patient and friendly to clients.

    5 Jan 2018

  • C

    Connie Braz


    The services and the product were of quality. The only problem is the pricing.

    28 Dec 2017

  • R



    The only company with the best website it was easy pacing and tracking my order

    17 Dec 2017

  • W



    I am really satisfied with the service and the product.

    12 Dec 2017

  • D

    Daisy hunter

    Incredible services

    Deliver, pricing and placing my order was so incredible. I recommend the company

    2 Dec 2017

  • F


    Best medicine

    Best medicine for my vomiting during chemotherapy. It worked well although my menstrual cycle was changed to be irregular.

    16 Nov 2017

  • D

    Don Charles


    Initially I use to take my pills at night but later changed it to be before 9am. Since I changed it its more effective. Best taken before 9am for better results.

    5 Nov 2017

  • A



    Cheap high quality pills.

    3 Nov 2017

  • C

    Clara Dimes

    Packaging is great

    The packaging is great, the service is awesome, the medication is working, I think I could recommend it

    20 Oct 2017

  • D

    Dexter Damien

    Always on time

    Always on time for delivery of my drugs, nyc!

    13 Oct 2017

  • G


    Cheap option

    Cheap way to handle my hormonal imbalance

    28 Sept 2017

  • P

    Patricia Panther

    Takes 6 weeks

    Levothyroxine is quite ok, however you need to take it for around 6 weeks for you to feel the effects.

    18 Sept 2017

  • S

    Shanice Laura

    Really convenient

    I made an order and it was brought right at my doorstep, really convenient

    13 Sept 2017

  • B


    Within 24 hours

    I got it within 24 hours, that was quite ok

    29 Aug 2017

  • C

    Christine Evans

    Calming effect

    is it ok if I used it on my arthritis, the medication does have a calming effect on me. Maybe wrong Synthroid dosage

    10 Aug 2017

  • J


    Prices are affordable

    Levothyroxine Synthroid prices are affordable, you don’t need to break the bank

    22 July 2017

  • F


    Hidden charges

    Thot it was free shipping for Synthroid 75, turns out I incurred some extra costs, why the hidden charges?

    20 July 2017

  • N

    Newton Jacobs

    Packaging not discreet

    The packaging isn’t as discreet, work on it

    3 July 2017

  • N

    Naomi Cambell

    Quite safe

    I was look up for another drug for my goiter, the one my doctor had prescribed, however I got synthroid 25 online and asked my doctor if it was safe for me to use it and he said yes, it’s been a few weeks now and the medication is working quite well on me, I really would recommend it

    15 Jun 2017

  • A


    Took too long

    It took too long for Synthroid medication to be delivered, what up with your services people?

    13 Jun 2017

  • S


    The taste

    I didn’t like the taste of it on my tongue - Synthroid 100 mcg

    2 Jun 2017

  • N


    Extra dose

    If you buy the drugs for some stores, they give you extra dosage for pills, check Synthroid dosage chart out for yourself, great deal

    12 May 2017

  • E

    Edward Thym

    I didn’t like the service, was quite poor

    25 Apr 2017

  • D

    Dean Emotion

    Actually works

    Synthroid generic actually really works you know, my doctors say my hormones are well balanced and my menses are quite regular

    8 Apr 2017

  • I

    Ian Duncan

    Quite ok

    Besides the side effects, Synthroid 25 mcg is quite ok since it works well with my thyroid

    30 Mar 2017

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