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    P. Hodges

    Affordable prices

    I recently started filling my prescription through Meds4Sure and they have been saving me a lot of money. I wish I found the sooner. I hope they will keep their prices at an affordable level so I can continue using them.

    5 Sept 2017

  • J

    Judy M.

    Thanks for your service

    I want to appreciate you for your great service. God bless.

    20 Aug 2017

  • N

    Nicole Brown

    Good service

    Using Meds4Sure has worked well for me

    1 Aug 2017

  • L


    Muscle aches

    My 11-year old son first used ventolin on 19th March. Yesterday he complained of muscle aches, which seem to be getting worse. I read on Meds4Sure site that muscle aches is one of the side effects of the drug. I hope he will not catch something serious.

    13 July 2017

  • B

    Bobby Willnie

    Great overall service

    Meds4Sure offers great service at extremely low prices. I like it!

    25 Jun 2017

  • M


    I’m a regular customer

    I have ordered meds through this site three times now and I have never had problems of any kind.

    22 Jun 2017

  • C


    Fast delivery

    My package arrived in 5 days. That’s the shortest time I have had to wait for a package I ordered online. I intend to use Meds4Sure again in future. Thanks!

    10 Jun 2017

  • P


    Good job

    Excellent customer service and pricing

    21 May 2017

  • M


    Many thanks

    Meds4Sure representatives gave me outstanding customer service at all stages of the buying process. I’m glad I decided to use their service.

    12 May 2017

  • J

    Julie Moss

    Bad taste

    My poor son says that the inhalator affects his taste.

    24 Apr 2017

  • M


    Very good pharmacy

    Everything is good. Staff good too

    4 Apr 2017

  • S


    Happy customer

    I have made several orders through Meds4Sure and their services have been satisfactory. Their drugs are authentic and their prices are fabulous. I didn’t even have to wait for ages for my Ventolin inhalator to arrive. Good work, good people.

    27 Mar 2017

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