Xenical Generic (Orlistat)

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Xenical Generic (Orlistat)

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Xenical Generic and Orlistat drugs contain the same active substance

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General Info: Uses and Effects

Xenical Generic (Orlistat) is a drug used for a treatment of obesity. It is sold under the name of Xenical Generic by Roche around the globe, as well as under the name of Alli by GlaxoSmithKline in some other countries. The main purpose of this medicine is to prevent the absorption of fats. Orlistat helps control obesity. Obesity is a problem faced by the people all over the world. It is very unhealthy and comes with a lot of problems such as tiredness, gains in weight, thyroid etc. Such problems can retain for a lifetime and make one's life a difficult one.

The question is biologically how this prevention is made possible, and how does this medicine work. It is a studied and proved fact that for the fats to accumulate in our body the dietary fats need to be broken down into minute particles. When these fats are broken by enzymes into smaller particles, they get absorbed by the body into the tissues and cells which is where the obesity arises. But Xenical Generic blocks the enzymes which perform the action of reducing the fat into smaller units. Thus, due to the large size of the particles, the body is not able to absorb them, and they are redirected to the bowel and out of the body through feces. It is really a great way of controlling fat.

Although make note of the fact that Orlistat does not restrict the intake of calories that are passed on and absorbed by the body on taking sugar and the non-fat foods because a calorie is basically not fat units. It only controls the actual fat that gets accumulated in the body. So, this medicine is always recommended by the doctor with proper exercise and a healthy, controlled diet.

Contraindication: Important to Know

Xenical Generic (Orlistat) used to treat obesity comes with a lot of contradictions and must be used with caution otherwise, it may harm the patient more than giving benefit. First and foremost, it is not to be used by the woman about conceive because it may cause potential harm to the baby whereas weight loss in a pregnant woman is a matter of worry rather than pride. Even during breastfeeding, this tablet should be avoided, as it may pass on to the infant who may cause negative effects upon the baby.

If you are adamant on taking this medication, then you must make the doctor aware of your allergic conditions beforehand because Orlistat may contain some passive ingredients which may react to other chemicals or allergens inside the body and cause severe side effects. Likewise, before the use of this drug any disease or problem related to digestive system or kidney stones must be reported. Diabetic patients may benefit from these pills because the loss in weight is a great way to control the blood sugar.

Instructions on Taking

The consumption of Xenical Generic should only be done based on what the doctor has prescribed because this drug comes with a lot of contradictions. It should only be taken by mouth with some liquid. The dosage depends on the meal that you take. It must generally be consumed 3 times a day within an hour of the meal that contains fat. If you are taking such meal which does contain any food that has fat in it then you are recommended to skip that dose of the drug because no chemical will be needed to block the enzymes. Also, if using this medication then at least 30% of the diet must contain fat calories for the medicine to work properly.

Now the use of Orlistat must always be limited to a certain time period that is prescribed by the doctor. Prolonged use would not improve the condition of an obese person but would add to it. More and more side effects would be observed if the medicine is taken for a higher dosage.


Generally, 120mg is a recommended dose but in case of overdose or missed doses, this medicine can cause problems. In case of overdose, the pill can even be poisonous, so a doctor must be consulted right away.

If consumed, then it must be taken within 1 or 2 hours of the meal. Suppose this time has passed away, then it is better to miss that particular dose because most of the fats in the body must already have been accumulated. It will be a waste to take the medicine again.

Side Effects

There could be many side effects depending on person to person. Some common ones are gastric problems, oily stools, a need for urgent bowel movements on a regular basis etc. If these persist for a very long span of time, then the medication must be put on hold, and the doctor must be consulted.

Some serious side effects can only be observed if the person is allergic to some ingredient in the medicine. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dark urine, stones in the kidney or liver, gastric pain is observed then immediately seek medical help.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Before taking Orlistat, the doctor must be reported to any other medicine that you are already consuming regularly. In fact, a list of all the products that you use must be shared with your physician, so that he can know that which substance can interact with the medicine and cause side effects. It is an essential part of starting up a medication.

Some of the substances that Xenical Generic interacts with are blood thinners, the medication used by HIV patients etc. Also, the drug sued for controlling seizures might not work if side by side Orlistat is in regular use. So, these tablets have been developed to make things easier but they always come at a heavy cost.




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