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  • L

    Logan Scott

    Very much satisfied!

    Zyprexa 2.5 mg is perfect for treating Bipolar I disorder. When my doctor prescribed it, I ordred it from meds4sure. After maintaining the proper dosage, I started getting better. Now, I am perfectly fine. So I recommending all to order it and see the effectiveness on their own.

    7 Jun 2017

  • Z

    Zoe Wilson

    Got really fast shipping!

    As I received the prefect Zyprexa 20 mg order before the expected delivery time, I am really impressed with their excellent service along with substantally lower prices.

    31 May 2017

  • M

    Megan Scott

    Save your money and time by ordering from meds4sure!

    Each and every month, I manage to save a lot of money by ordering my prescription from meds4sure. If you want to get genuine products at the best prices, order only from them!

    16 May 2017

  • A

    Annie Lopez

    Thanks again, meds4sure!

    I have been buying my monthly Zyprexa generic medicines for years from meds4sure. Till now, I never faced any problem while ordering or getting the delivery. I have always received genuine products on time. Whenever I have called them for help, they have helpe me in every possible way.

    10 May 2017

  • J

    John Carter

    Got damaged product!

    Zyprexa for sleep - don’t order from them.

    7 May 2017

  • I

    Issac Wilson

    Regular buyer from meds4sure

    Once again, thx meds4sure for delivering  my ordered meiicines even before the expected delivery time.

    21 Apr 2017

  • D

    Dylan Smith

    Genuine product at cheapest pricing!

    Use Zyprexa for anxiety regularly. As I am getting medicines at the lowest possible prices from meds4sure, I will definitely order from them next time.

    17 Apr 2017

  • E

    Evan Jackson

    Effectively treats schizophrenia!

    This medicine is really perfect fortreating schizophrenia. I have seen the positive results after continuing the dosage for one month. Recommend all who aresuffering from Schizophrenia and want to overcome it soon. But check the Zyprexa dosage first!

    8 Apr 2017

  • C

    Christina Lee

    Probably the best site among all!

    According to my previous  experiences of buying Zyprexa 10 mg, I find meds4sure to be the best online medicine ordering website among all.

    4 Apr 2017

  • G

    Gavin Scott

    Not bad, but

    Since this is my first time for ordering from meds4sure, my overall Zyprexa 5 mg ordering experience was not as good asexpected.

    26 Mar 2017

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