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  • M

    Michael Willies

    Fast delivery service

    They shipped my order in record time, advised Zyrtec dosage. The medicine is good except for some mild headache and a bit of fatigue, but they did not prevent me from working.

    25 Jun 2017

  • G

    Gennadi Jacob

    Timely delivery

    They are affordable with Zyrtec coupon and they deliver on time.

    17 Jun 2017

  • S

    Silantei Martha

    Affordable and efficient medicine

    My friend told me about Med4Sure medicine about three years ago. I had suffered some skin allergies for a while and medicine from my local pharmacy could not help. I enquired if they had something for my allergy and sure enough, they did. I ordered and paid. I received my order as promised. The best thing about this of course was that I could afford it and it sorted out my skin issue. I have been doing Zyrtec syrup purchases from them since then.

    31 May 2017

  • N

    Natasha Mikhailov

    They have wonderful medicine and solve customer complaints

    Zyrtec tablet is wonderful medicine. Good price, too. Only that Med4Sure delayed a bit with my order but they explained to me and sorted me out eventually.

    15 May 2017

  • E

    Ella Brown

    Affordable and can be depended upon

    Ever since I discovered Med4Sure, I have never changed my meds supplier. They are affordable, mostly prompt and the packages always arrive intact. In fact am stuck with them for life.

    11 May 2017

  • A

    Alexei P.N

    Reliable customer service and prompt deliveries

    Med4Sure has always been my best choice when it comes to my own medicine or for my family’s use. Their deliveries are prompt and they are always available to answer questions. Thank you.

    8 May 2017

  • E

    Emma Williams

    It works

    Zyrtec generic works and it’s affordable, too.

    26 Apr 2017

  • R

    Ryan Jones

    Cured my stubborn allergy

    I had had this stubborn allergic reaction for many years. My doctor kept prescribing the same meds all the time. There was this day I decided to search for something different online. I found Zyrtec 10mg and placed an order right away. A few days later, I received my order. The drugs worked for me! I got relieved. Thank you Med4Sure!

    7 Apr 2017

  • A

    Alexander Garcia

    Awesome and reliable

    This was my first order online. I ordered with some misgivings. But my medicine arrived intact. I’m going to be buying my medicine from Med4Sure. They are awesome!

    22 Mar 2017

  • M

    Maria Smith

    They keep their word

    Med4Sure for me anytime. They kept their word. Zyrtec generic name Cetirizine sorted out my problem.

    18 Mar 2017

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