4.4 Very Good
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  • C

    Charles Hewitt

    Take precautions before using Zyvox

    Plz always review a doctor before using it, if you are using other drugs.

    14 Sept 2017

  • T

    Thomas Cooke

    Quite Satisfied

    Happy with the quick customer response turnaround time. Service is good .Would suggest to anyone looking for an online marketplace to buy their medicines

    27 Aug 2017

  • M

    Mateo McMahon

    Convenient and easy to use

    Not Bad!

    9 Aug 2017

  • A

    Adam Beach

    Good packaging and delivery quality

    Excellent packaging and delivery! Good quality is assured,  got the complete package on time.

    24 July 2017

  • C

    Camilia Cash

    Very cost effective

    Cost friendly, nice discounts! But got it delivered a day after the delivery date.     

    3 July 2017

  • J

    Joseph Kauffman

    100% satisfied

    Best online platform for buying medicines

    16 Jun 2017

  • A

    Anna Levine

    Secure and easy to purchase

    Shipping quality is very reliable, very safe to make the online payments

    12 Jun 2017

  • H

    Hunter Boyle

    Always consult before buying it

    Strongly advise consumers to consult a doctor before buying Zyvox (generic) Linezolid to avoid side effects

    7 Jun 2017

  • C

    Caroline Huber

    Got my medicines when I needed it

    Made the purchase online knowing that the pharmacies near my house had closed down. Really happy to get it delivered the next day

    26 May 2017

  • S

    Steve Buckner

    A very useful online marketplace for medicines

    Found the detailed medical description about Zyvox in the website to be very useful and handy. Very good reminder.

    12 May 2017

  • B

    Bella Mayo

    Impeccable delivery

    Delivery is above standards. Never had to face any kind trouble, getting my medicines delivered on time

    26 Apr 2017

  • M

    Madeline Travis


    The best offers, discounts at no extra costs

    13 Apr 2017

  • I

    Ivy Sykes

    The best online market place for medicines

    I suggest meds4sure to every consumer buying medicines online

    27 Mar 2017

  • V

    Vincent Sears

    Safest way to purchase medicine online

    Very secure and easy process. Highly recommended!

    22 Mar 2017

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