Drug Policy

What is a generic drug?

A generic drug, or simply generics, is a medication that is equivalent to the brand-name drug in its dosing, strength, quality and performance. This means that generics use the same active ingredients as original drugs and work the same way. The generic drug may differ from the original one in color, taste and packaging. But the main peculiar feature of generics is the lack of patent protection.

Why are generics cheaper than the brand-name drugs?

Patented drugs are expensive because:

  • They require great amounts of money (from millions to billions) and time to discover and test innovative drugs;
  • They require patent protection but its effective life lasts about 7-12 years;
  • They use advertising and marketing techniques which cost a fortune as well;
  • Manufacturers require the compensation for their expenses.

Generic drugs are cheap because:

  • Their production doesn't require a new formula or innovative production technology;
  • They can exist without advertising (generics are bio-equivalents of the brand-name drugs);
  • They don’t need any clinical trials to prove their safety and efficacy (the patented companies have already done it).

As you can see, generics save a lot of time and money of the patients and insurance companies.

What is an Indian Pharmacy? Can I trust it?

First of all, we, Meds4sure, cooperate only with the most well-known Indian Pharmacy firms. And if we haven't yet raised your confidence, let the facts speak for themselves. The number of our customers is rising day by day. People trust us and do it for good reason because:

  • We offer only best services and products;
  • We ship only qualitative products;
  • We satisfy all our customers.

As for the Indian Pharmacy, it has created a significant pharmaceutical segment due its continuous and hard work. Thus, today it is a goldmine for many international companies and foreign players. Nowadays, the great number of international pharmacies find it as an attractive start point to develop their business. The foreign players around the world are ready to play on the Indian market because the demand is very high and labor cost is less.

Foreign investments have done their work, the Indian Pharmacy has access to new technologies and processes that speed up its manufacturing and automating process. Via the efficient cooperation with international companies, the Indian Pharmacy can trade online. Now many people can purchase its goods without leaving their homes. But it's not the end, it's the beginning of the Indian Pharmacy blossoming!

NOTE: Meds4sure is an official and reliable distributor of smart drugs. We NEVER shipped and will not EVER ship any narcotics or controlled substances including Benzodiazipines to our customers.