Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Company Details
  2. Order Details
  3. Payment Details
  4. Account Details
  5. Shipping Details
  6. Delivery Details

Company Details

1.1. Meds4sure is a...?

Meds4sure is a reliable online distributor, supplying generic drugs to patients around the world.

Meds4sure is a solid team of professionals who aren't just selling a pill, we make people's lives better. The manufactures we cooperate with are headed by a qualified pharmacists who guarantees that our generic drugs meet good manufacturing and quality control standards. Our mission is to ensure consumer safety and confidence when they buy their medicines on the Internet. We are perfectly coping with this task without compromising on quality.

Meds4sure cooperates with the leading pharmaceutical companies such as Cipla, Sun Pharma, Torrent Pharma, Pfizer, GSK. This allows to offer our patients inexpensive but qualitative drugs.

1.2. What are peculiar features of Meds4sure?

Meds4sure is an distributor of one of the most world well-known pharmacy manufacturers.

People trust us and do it for good reason because:

  • We offer only best services and products;
  • We ship only qualitative products;
  • We use the best packaging;
  • We accept VISA and MasterCard payments;
  • We guarantee full refunds or reshipment;
  • We satisfy all our customers.
1.3. Why do you sell modafinil? What are its advantages?

Modafinil, so-called "dope for brain" is a unique medicine to maximize your daily productivity and overall performance. No matter who you are and what you do, this drug will improve your life! Students, educators, professionals, sportsmen, gamers use this smart drug to improve their results. After all, modafinil increases productivity and accuracy, improves concentration and focus, enhances short-term memory and motivation, strengthens stamina and reaction. Sounds great? Energize your brains NOW!

1.4. Does your company guarantee the confidentiality?

We guarantee the safe and secure transmission of information. All personal information is protected by SSL encryption technology. Due to this technology which makes it impossible to steal or intercept your information when transmitting to, we can save your confidentiality. We use the same technology for the information regarding your credit card.

1.5. Can I save money when ordering from your company?

Meds4sure has a system of discounts that can help you save 30-80% per order. For example, we offer a 10% discount to our constant customers and customers who pay via bitcoins.

2. Order Details

2.1. What are the shipping times for the order?

Shipping times:

  • Most of Europe and the USA - delivery within 5-7 days;
  • Rest of the world - delivery from 10-20 days.
2.2. Are your drugs the same as the brand-name ones?

Yes and No.

We offer generics - a medication that is equivalent to the brand-name drug in its dosing, strength, quality and performance. They use the same active ingredients as original drugs and work the same way. But the main peculiar feature of generics is the lack of patent protection. So, you will get the same medicine but with other name of the manufacturer.

2.3. Why are your prices so low?

Generic drugs are cheap because their production doesn't require a new formula or innovative production technology; they can exist without advertising; they don't need any clinical trials to prove their safety and efficacy (the patented companies have already done it).

2.4. What is your return policy?

Meds4sure has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We guarantee the shipment of another package or a full refund, in case your order is not delivered or damaged in transit. You will also get a full refund, if you receive a partial order. In this case we will take your credit card again for the remaining balance (you will be fully refunded, and charged only for the product(s) you received).

We guarantee to ship your order up to 30 business days. But if after 30 days, your package wasn't shipped, or it was withheld or returned to the sender (in this case, we will send you a notification), please email us and we will immediately take care of your request.

2.5. What can you offer if I want to cancel my order?

If you want to cancel the order, you should contact our Customer Support service and send us the cancellation notice. If we have not processed your order yet, we will cancel it and compensate you the full amount. But if we have already processed and shipped your order, it cannot be cancelled.

3. Payment Details

3.1. How can I pay my order?

Meds4sure is the only smart drug pharmacy shop where our customers can pay by:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • E-checks;
  • Bitcoins.

4. Account Details

4.1. How can I change my shipping address?

Your default shipping address is the one used in your last order. In Checkout, you can change it, select another one or even add new address. You can add, delete or edit any of your delivery addresses at any time. These changes will not affect orders that you have already placed. To update your contact information, visit the "Account Information" page.

4.2. Why don't I receive your emails?

To fix this problem, follow our recommendations:

  • Check the correctness of your email address;
  • Check your SPAM filters;
  • Ensure we are not in your mail server's black list;
  • Use another email address from different service providers.

In case the problem has not been fixed, please contact our Customer Support Team.

5. Shipping Details

5.1. How can I track my shipment?

If you have an account with us, log in and check your order status.

5.2. Is it possible to cancel my order after it has been shipped?

Unfortunately, it is impossible.

6. Delivery Details

6.1. Can I return my medication after it has been delivered?

You can return an already delivered medicine only if we sent the wrong product or wrong quantity of pills. Other circumstances are excluded.

6.2. What should I you do if I receive the wrong dosage of medication?

You should immediately contact us, and the correct dosage will be promptly sent to you.

6.3. What should I you do if I receive a damaged package?

You should immediately contact us, and a new package will be promptly sent to you.